JLC 2019-2020 Leadership Slate

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The Junior League of Columbia’s Nominating Committee is pleased and excited to present the following slate of officers to lead in 2019-2020. The slate will be presented for membership approval at the January General Membership Meeting.

Board of Directors

President: Bonnie Anzelmo
President-elect: Anna Edwards
Executive Vice President: Annie Scott
Secretary: Sallie Harrell
Treasurer: Lindsay Joyner
Nominating Chair: Kayla Gupton

Executive Management Team

Vice President for Finance: Caitlin Williams
Vice President-elect for Finance: Mary Caskey
Vice President for Community: Andrea Lance
Vice President-elect for Community: Ann-Stanton Gore
Vice President for Membership: Powers Tanis
Vice President-elect for Membership: Rania Jamison
Vice President for Communications: Twyla Wofford
Vice President-elect for Communications: Elizabeth Cardell
Community Research & Project Development Chair: Amy Larkin
Community Research & Project Development Vice Chair: Kathleen Muthig
Education & Development Chair: Lane Goodwin
Education & Development Vice Chair: Jennifer Wise
Placement Chair:
 Randi Lynn Roberts
Placement Vice Chair: Meg Diamond

General Leadership Placements

Admissions Vice Chair: Elizabeth Rasor
New Member Vice-Chairs: Ashely Griffith and Catherine Ava Kopiec

In January, members will also elect two At Large Directors from the following slate:

Brooke Fonder
Meg Mohan
Lee Patterson
Laura Reid

Additionally, at the January meeting, members will select six people to serve as the 2019-2020 Nominating Committee from the slate as follows:

Reeve Ballew
Kara Cieri
Whitney Evans
Chamarlyn Fairley
Monique Flowers
Page Hilton
Allison Hughes
Ashley Kirkham
Jennifer MacLeod
Lauren Summers
Beth Webb
Ansley Whiteside

A special article in early January will feature photographs and biographical information on the candidates for At Large Director and the Nominating Committee.

Thank you to all of these extraordinary women who are willing to serve as leaders of the Junior League of Columbia — and to the 2018-2019 Nominating Committee for their hard work!

2018-2019 Nominating Committee

Angela English, Chair
Bianca Crawford
Riley Gauvey
Kayla Gupton
Kathryn Harris
Sheila Willis
Angela Wyatt