Our Leadership

JLC Board of Directors 2018-19

201819 Board of Directors

Misty Burton
Bonnie Anzelmo
Kathleen Muthig
Board Manager
Amanda Drinkall
Jennifer MacLeod
Nominating Chair
Angela English
Sustainer Rep.
Mary Kay Coates
Sustainer Rep.
Sallie Manning
At Large Director
Emily Bedenbaugh
At Large Director
Rania Jamison
Executive VP
Anna Edwards

201819 Executive Management Team

Executive VP
Anna Edwards
VP for Communications
Hilary Dyer Brannon
VP-Elect for Communications
Twyla Wofford
VP for Community
Brooke Fonder
VP-Elect for Community
Andrea Lance
VP for Finance
Lindsay Joyner
VP-Elect for Finance
Caitlin Williams
VP for Membership
Deonca Shuler
VP-Elect for Membership
Powers Tanis
Education & Development
Kara Simmons
Comm. Research & Project Dev.
Ann-Stanton Gore
Allison Hughes