Done In A Day: Take Heart and Smile at EdVenture

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“Take Heart & Smile” was a free and family-friendly event held at EdVenture on Saturday, February 10. The event was the perfect combination of educational and hands-on, as it celebrated the importance of National Children’s Dental Health Month. Having been hosted by EdVenture with the help of the Junior League for 10 years, the event continues to grow each year, welcoming just over a thousand people from the Midlands on Saturday!

Why Is this Event Important?

Starting at an early age, children need to be taught that their mouths are important and what they are used for. Important actions like eating, smiling and talking all require healthy mouths and not taking care of your mouth can really affect you. To be able to eat the foods you like, smile and talk is all dependent upon good oral care and the earlier you instill that in children, the more likely they are to adopt lifelong healthy oral habits. Dr. Kathi Williams, Director of Family and Community Health at EdVenture, is the one who oversees the event each year and works with the Junior League to make it happen. “Take Heart & Smile is all about teaching children how dental health and heart health link to the health of the rest of your body. If you have a healthy mouth, that is the start to a healthy body and you can’t have one without the other,” Dr. Williams said.

Event Highlights: 
Healthy Snack Activity – a walk up activity where children got the opportunity to build a healthy snack (trail mix) and talk about the importance of daily healthy eating and healthy physical activity
Acid Attack! – children learn how to protect their teeth from decay and make their own toothpaste!
Colgate Bright Smiles Bright Futures Van – offering free screenings!
Appearances by Dr. Stuffings!
Oral and Heart Health Activity Stations – children learn how to integrate reading, math and science as a way to keep teeth and gums healthy
Styrofoam Cavities – children learn how to protect their teeth from decay through simulation demonstration of the process of forming dental cavities.
Flossing Eddie’s Big Teeth – children learn how to floss and why it is so important by getting up close and person with Eddie’s giant set of teeth
Tools of Medicine in Tinker Tech – children learn scientific principles with stethoscopes, microscopes and more

“We see so many young children are having problems with cavities and other major repairs, at such a young age, so the oral health message isn’t getting out there. Despite its importance, oral health seems so simple that many parents may not realize the positive impact guarding their children’s baby teeth against injury can have. There is a lot of prevention that needs to be taught to the community,” Dr. Williams said.