’23-’24 Chair and Vice Chair Training: Creating Space for Growth and Change

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The mood was cheery, exciting, and the air smelled of floral; such adjectives can be used to set the scene for July 30, 2023. On this day, Junior League Committee Chairs, Vice Chairs, and Liaisons attended the first post-Pandemic Chair and Vice Chair Training that was orchestrated by the Education and Development Committee. After a word from the President, Emily Bedenbaugh, Members had the pleasure of hearing from Tori Stevens.  A native of Michigan and a resident of Charlotte, Tori is the founder of EvolYOUtion. EvolYOUtion is an idea-turned-business that aims to help people recognize skill sets to create “the tangible” through various collaborative strategies. During her presentation, Tori explained the importance of reflective growth and creating space for such growth. More specifically, one must “hold the space for change to occur” and such growth allows one to “peel back layers” to become the purest form of oneself. Tori concluded by mentioning that such growth is applicable to all aspects of life and that internal growth is one of the most important skills one can learn to contribute to an overall mission. Community impact, fundraising, and voluntarism are just a few of many missions promoted by the Junior League of Columbia and on a larger scale, by The Association of Junior Leagues, Inc.

The day continued by rotating through each information session, relating to Finance, Communications, Placement, Diversity Equity Inclusion. and Belonging, and Risk Management. Each information session offered insight about each sector within the League and how each cog works to complete part of the of the ever-evolving Junior League “machine.” Other parts needed to complete this “machine” include but are not limited to the Executive Management Team (EMT), Leadership, At Large Directors, Sustainers, and our community partners. The theme of the day was this: All Members and the surrounding community play a vital role with the functionality of the Junior League. The overall operation doesn’t work as well without the other and it is ultimately up to all involved to continue with the nearly century-old mission of the Junior League of Columbia.

Special thanks to the Education and Development Committee for hosting such a wonderful event! To learn more about how you can become involved with the Junior League of Columbia click the link below: