President-Elect Spotlight with Sallie Harrell

Meet our 2020-2021 League President-Elect, Sarah “Sallie” Harrell! Sallie has been a member of the Junior League of Columbia for fifteen years and has served in a multitude of roles. As President-Elect, Sallie serves as the right hand woman to the President, so next year she can seamlessly step into the role. She works to inspire a common vision for the League, and will serve as public spokesperson and advocate.

What are you most excited about for this league year? “What an exciting year this will be! The Junior League of Columbia is poised to have a year like no other year in our League history. I’m most excited about seeing our phenomenal members pivot quickly and respond to the needs of our community during this unusual time.”

If you had to pick one goal to accomplish for this year, what would it be? “My first goal is to support our President in any way that I can to make sure she has a successful year. A close “second” goal would be helping implement more training programs for our members. I’ve always felt very strongly about the mission of the JLC, particularly in the developing the potential of women, and I feel that we can all benefit from more opportunities, training and knowledge.”

What was your most monumental moment or experience so far in the League? “I have had such a wonderfully fulfilling League career! My most eye-opening experience was when I served as the VP for Community. I was able to sit at the table with such an incredible Community Council and then represent them at the Board level. It was during this time that I really understood how the League operated and the integral parts of the organization.”

What advice do you have for women who want to grow in their leadership capabilities, especially in JLC? “I would tell a member to try something new if they have an interest! The League is one of the safest places to get involved with a new opportunity or skill set. Our members are the best teachers! And if you don’t like it, there’s always next year!”