Congratulations to our League Leadership for 2021-2022

Junior League of Columbia Logo

Congratulations to the following leaders who were selected or voted into their positions for 2021-2022. We are so thankful for your service and leadership in the Junior League of Columbia!

Board of Directors
President: Sallie Harrell
President-Elect: Rania Jamison
Executive Vice President: Deonca Shuler
Executive Vice President-Elect: Kayla Gupton
Secretary: Erika Lovegreen
Treasurer: Mary Caskey
Nominating Chair: Abbey Sullivan
League Attorney: Ashley Kirkham
Sustainer Representative: Mandy Wren
Sustainer Representative: Meg Mohan

Executive Management Team
Vice President for Communications: Laura Jordan
Vice President-Elect for Communications: Laura Phillips
Vice President for Community: Maureen Grewe
Vice President-Elect for Community: Lee Patterson
Vice President for Finance: Sheila Willis
Vice President-Elect for Finance: Jennifer Wise
Vice President for Membership: Mary Ellen Barnwell
Vice President-Elect for Membership: Randi Lynn Roberts
Community Research & Project Development Chair: Carol Caulk
Community Research & Project Development Vice Chair: Courtney Young
Education & Development Chair: Nicki Hood
Education & Development Vice Chair: Eliza Daniel
Placement Chair: Angela Wyatt
Placement Vice Chair: Lauren Summers
Diversity & Inclusion Chair: Ebony Young
Diversity & Inclusion Vice Chair: Emily Bedenbaugh

General Leadership Placements
Admissions Vice Chair: Kathryn Harris
New Member Vice-Chairs: Chamarlyn Fairley
New Member Co-Chairs: Jescelyn Spitz & Danielle Koerner
New Member Vice Chairs: Brianne Tillirson & Abby Naas

At Large Directors
Monique Flowers
Kim Jamieson

Nominating Committee
Amber Gadow
Catherine Ava Kopiec
Marcia Seawright
Kara Simmons
Twyla Stowe
Crystal Willis